Posted by: shiree | March 10, 2011

Save the kids from ‘dark world’

Sex workers want shelter home for their children

Sex workers in Mymensingh brothel are crying for a shelter home to save their innocent kids from the ‘dark world’.

Twenty-five of the 70 children in the brothel are school going.

“For long we have demanded a shelter home where our kids will enjoy a better environment to receive education to change their generations to come. There are shelter homes in Dhaka, Jamalpur, Tangail and Daulatdia but our demand for the same is yet to be met,” said Hasna Hena, secretary of Shuktara, an organisation of sex workers at the brothel.

“Many children of a brothel at Sonagachhi in Kolkata of West Bengal got established there through receiving higher education as the authority arranged adequate shelter home facility,” she said.

“World Vision HIV/AIDS Mymensingh ADP is running a pre-primary school where our children can take their primary learning. We raised our demand in different forums on several occasions and urged the local administration for a shelter home but to no effect,” she said.

“When the children need care in their reading table in the evening, we have to remain busy to entertain the clients to earn bread,” said Monwara, a sex worker.

“We have to admit our children to different schools concealing the real address to save the kids from embarrassment. Some sex workers rent houses in the town for their children’s education but it is not possible for all,” said Baby Akhtar, assistant secretary of Shuktara.

School going Shimul, Kalu, Rony, Emon, Sagar, Ibrahim, Asha and Dulali — all staying with their mothers at the brothel, said they do not like the chaotic atmosphere and huge shouting of the drunken people.

“We want to receive education to live well like other children but who will come forward to help us?” said Shimul, a class two student.

“People neglect us and our mothers are helpless,” said Emon.

“We have no scope to come out from this hellish life. But we want our children to lead a decent life by receiving proper education,” said Antora, a young sex worker and mother of a ten-month old girl.

“When the election comes, candidates give assurance to meet our demands to draw our votes. But after the election, they forget everything and keep themselves away as representatives of the civilised society,” said Ayesha Begum, an elderly sex worker.


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